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Championing Discovery, Creativity, and Community Connection

Career Development

Access to these databases was purchased for you by the Cameron Public Library. A valid Library card is required to access these databases from outside the Library.  Ask a librarian which database best fits your needs.

Focusing at Work

Has a variety of different courses in artificial intelligence, AWS cloud essentials, AWS managed services, serverless applications, certificate preparation, data processing and machine learning, networking and connectivity, and database migrations, among many others. Resources will help individuals develop skills in many different areas of technology.

Young Business Woman

Allows you to learn about many different types of careers from law enforcement to culinary arts. It also has material on changing careers. It also has courses on developing workplace skills. Resources for preparing for many different examinations are also included.


  • Learn about a career (Nursing, Caseworker, Career info for veterans, etc)

  • Build workplace skills (Keyboarding, Workplace communication, Networking/Job Interviewing, U.S. and Canadian citizenship preparation)

  • Exam preparation (Air Traffic Controller, Electrician and Plumbing, Nursing, Teaching, etc)


Has resources on building resumes and cover letters (*need account for). Also has quizzes to find a good career match based on interest and skill. You can explore different occupations such as apprenticeships. It also has many resources for those coming from the military looking for jobs. Resources for searching for jobs in the U.S. and Canada are also available. There are also courses about job interviews, as well as many different career eBooks. You can also search through a library of different schools and scholarships.


  • Build resumes and job letters (Build your resume, Build your cover letter, Great resumes, Great cover letters)

  • Find a career match (Interest matcher, skills matcheer)

  • Explore occupations (Military-To-Civilian occupations, occupation groups, STEM, Military to College, Bright outlook occupations, Hot technologies, Registered apprenticeships)

  • Search for Jobs and Internships (Federal Job Search, Monster USA Internship search, Monster USA Job Search, Monster Canada Internship Search, Monster Canada Job Search)

  • Prepare for an interview (Confidence, Networking and sample cover letters, interview thank you sample letters, interview follow up sample letters, job offers and salary negotiation, job offer and resignation letters)

  • Career eBooks Library (Becoming a Caseworker, Becoming a Healthcare Professional, Becoming a Teacher, etc)

  • Discover Schools and Scholarships (Scholarship finder, School finder)

Job Interview

Has resources on how to make resumes and cover letters.

*need log in, also same as builders in job and career accelerator

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