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Championing Discovery, Creativity, and Community Connection

Research and Education

Databases, practice tests and more to help you in your classes.

Students in Cafeteria

Has a variety of extensive resources for college students looking to review different skills. Courses include math, reading, grammar/writing skills, and science. Resources for preparing for graduate school exams are also on the website, as well as different college placement exam courses. Users can also search for scholarships and different schools. Resources for college success skills are also available.


Simple search that quickly delivers relevant results including articles, essays, and primary source documents to help students succeed in their research

Students with Digital Tablets

This interface is designed specifically for middle school students according to their needs and search abilities. This interface is graphically rich and provides access to age-appropriate materials.

Student with Tablet

Different courses to help students in areas where they may be struggling. Extensive resources are included for math, english language arts, science, social studies, technology skills, and logic/reasoning.


Resources for high school students on finding scholarships and finding the right college. There are also extensive courses on preparing for the ACT, as well as the digital SAT. Practice tests for many AP (Advanced Placement) courses are also available, along with other resources. Courses on preparing for the TOEFL iBT and IELTS are also on the site. Resources for the ACCUPLACER and ASSET tests are included as well. 

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