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Access to these databases was purchased for you by the Cameron Public Library. A valid Library card is required to access these databases from outside the Library.  Ask a librarian which database best fits your needs.

Business Woman Typing

Peer-reviewed journals for Academics and college-bound students

Adult Education Course

Has resources to help adults achieve personal career and education goals. Includes helpful courses in math, reading, writing, speaking, and grammar. Resources on becoming a U.S. citizen are also included.

Students in Cafeteria

Has a variety of extensive resources for college students looking to review different skills. Courses include math, reading, grammar/writing skills, and science. Resources for preparing for graduate school exams are also on the website, as well as different college placement exam courses. Users can also search for scholarships and different schools. Resources for college success skills are also available.

Computer Work

Has video resources for those interested in learning about computers and software. Courses on printing, internet, keyboarding, microsoft office, microsoft word, microsoft excel, adobe illustrator, and adobe photoshop are available. Resources about understanding a computer’s operating system are also included.

Computer Class

Provides project-based learning activities using digital tools to create podcasts, multimedia presentations, social media campaigns, and more. Articles explore cyberbullying, digital research skills, citizen journalism, and more.

Driving Lesson

Study for the Missouri Driver's Permit exam with professionally developed permit tests, flashcards and cheat sheets!


Full text of e-books. Featuring fiction and nonfiction titles for adults and juveniles as well as containing a wide range of subjects and topics to meet research and recreational needs.

Working from Home

Simple search that quickly delivers relevant results including articles, essays, and primary source documents.

Online Shopping

Financial Literacy is an online economics and personal finance resource specifically designed for students in grades 7–12, but can easily benefit adults. Users will learn to manage credit and debt, save and invest with confidence, plan for college and retirement and avoid fraud and scams.

Gardening Lesson

Courses for math skill development as well as english language arts skill development are available for Elementary school students. Resources on math, english language arts and social studies are included for middle school students. Courses on preparing for high school entrance exams are also available.

Resources to help users get their GED (General Education Diploma). Resources to build basic skills such as writing, math, and reading are available. Many different resources to prepare for taking the GED are on the website, as well as resources in Spanish. There are also courses to prepare for the HiSET, which is similar to the GED.

Student with Tablet

Different courses to help students in areas where they may be struggling. Extensive resources are included for math, english language arts, science, social studies, technology skills, and logic/reasoning.

Doing Homework

A wide selection of teaching resources that include full courses, course materials, modules, videos, tests and other tools and techniques. These resources are intended to fit with the current work and initiatives happening in schools, providing a space to share resources and ideas.   


Resources for high school students on finding scholarships and finding the right college. There are also extensive courses on preparing for the ACT, as well as the digital SAT. Practice tests for many AP (Advanced Placement) courses are also available, along with other resources. Courses on preparing for the TOEFL iBT and IELTS are also on the site. Resources for the ACCUPLACER and ASSET tests are included as well. 

Working on Computer

More than 1,000 articles, written especially for English language learners on topics such as history, civics, literature, science, and life skills. Articles are short and written to support reading skills and help students and adults build background knowledge, conduct research, and improve study skills.

Untitled design (6).png

Mejore sus habilidades escritas, orales y gramaticales.  Sea mejor lector.  Desarrolle sus habilidades matemáticas.  Prepárese para el examen de GED®.  Prepárese para su Examen de Ciudadanía.  Gane su Tarjeta Verde.  

Young Scientist

Teacher and Student Resources for all science research needs

Together Again

Offers live online assistance for veterans and their families. Connect with a live navigator to get help determining your VA benefits, translating your resume for civilian jobs, building academic skills, and so much more!

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