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For Teachers and Parents

Online Resources to help the children in your life succeed.

Beanie Hat and Book

Look up AR testing information for the books your child is reading.  This resource also has valuable content information so that you can be more informed about what your child is reading.

Reading in Tent

This resource provides multimedia content to complement children's and young adult books. Resources include audiobook readings, author videos, book discussion guides and lesson plans for over 40,000 books in English and Spanish

Computer Class

Explora contains complete articles from dozens of the most popular elementary school magazines. Many are available in color PDF! You'll also find easy-to-read encyclopedia entries written specifically for kids and more than two million images of photos, maps and flags!

Students with Digital Tablets

This interface is designed specifically for middle school students according to their needs and search abilities. This interface is graphically rich and provides access to age-appropriate materials.

School Corridor

Courses for math skill development as well as english language arts skill development are available for Elementary school students. Resources on math, english language arts and social studies are included for middle school students. Courses on preparing for high school entrance exams are also available.

Male Teacher with Students is an online database of thousands of multimedia resources you can use to explore children's and young adult books and their authors.  Get immediate access to useful materials and exciting programs (short movies, audio book readings, book discussion guides, and more) that add a multimedia dimension to reading in the classroom, library, and home.

These resources are also perfect for lesson planning, author studies, and Professional Development to support the many ways books can be integrated into all subject areas in the K–12 curriculum.

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