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Summer is here!

This year’s theme, Adventure Begins in your Library, started with a fantastic turnout for our Kick-off event.  On Thursday we hosted over a hundred kids plus their families for a game of  Miniature Golf in the Library!  It was so fun to hear the giggles and the shouts of excitement when someone got a “hole in one”.  We are so grateful for the hard work and creativity of the community members who “adopted” a hole to decorate.  From Space to Hot Air Balloons and Dragons to Dinosaurs, they truly brought adventures to life. 

But why is the Summer Reading Program so important to us?  We feel like summers can get crazy with vacations, sports, and just life in general.  It’s easy for reading to take a backseat.  But research has shown that students can lose up to two months of reading achievement over the summer break. So if we can create fun experiences at the library (with some prizes thrown in)  we can help prevent that “summer slide”, helping them to be more successful in the fall.  

But you know what, we are not-so-secretly excited that it’s Summer Reading Program again because we love it.   We love seeing the kids (and their grown ups) come to pick out books.  We love it when they tell us about the fun they are having this summer.  We love it when they get excited for the next book in a series they love.   

So hopefully we will see your kids this summer!  Maybe they will make a new friend or find a new hobby.  Maybe they will learn a new skill or hang out in a tent indoors.  Because adventure truly does start at the library, all you have to do is look.

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